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This is the online home for the ‘Taking forward change in technology-enhanced education‘ a now-concluded series of workshops, and one day participative conference, focused around helping close the gap between the wider debate around what technology can offer our institutions, and how to most effectively harness technology in ways that are sensitive to the specific needs of institutions.

So where are we at and what can you find here?

The regional workshops (Scotland, Wales, England) ran successfully at the end of March 2010, and provided an excellent platform for discussing good practice, common challenges, and possible future issues for the institutional teams, expert guests, and guest facilitators who took part. A one-day wrap-up conference was held on June 23rd 2010, at the University of Bolton.

The work of the ‘Taking forward change in technology-enhanced education’ initiative culminated in 2011 with the publication of a Special Issue of the journal Campus Wide Information Systems on the theme of Learning technology and institutional strategy (Vol 28, No 4). This featured a lead paper on the initiative itself, papers by two of the guest experts and further papers by participating institutional teams.

Please explore this site to find further details of the workshops and conference, including the guest experts and an outline of the activities undertaken at the regional workshops. Copies of the workshop materials (including activities and scenarios) are made available here for re-use, and you can also find here copies of the presentations from each of the guest experts for the three regional workshops.

Further information including mailing list

Taking forward change in technology-enhanced education was co-ordinated by Mark Johnson (University of Bolton) and Keith Smyth (Edinburgh Napier University). We’ll be back at some point with a follow-up event most likely over 2012/13!

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