Workshop Documents

Below you can find the materials used for each of the regional workshops, plus links to the guest expert presentations.

Example workshop programme
Edinburgh workshop programme

Introductory Strategy workshops slides

Fictional institution activity

After the opening guest expert session institutional teams explored the Piddlehinton Scenario before an open-floor discussion around the key issues and possible solutions for Piddlehinton.

Stakeholder breakout discussion activity

During the workshops, cross-institutional groups of stakeholders (managers, lecturers, staff developers, learners, technologists) were asked to discuss a small set of questions. The questions were different for each group, except all had a version of the ‘2012 question’.

Strategist breakout
Lecturer breakout
Learner breakout
Staff developer breakout
Technologist breakout

Institutional team discussion

Following the stakeholder break-out discussions, institutional teams re-formed to undertake a concluding Institutional team breakout discussion.

Guest expert presentations

Andrew Comrie, Kerson Associates (Scotland regional workshop)
View Andrew’s presentation

David White, University of Oxford (Wales regional workshop)
View David’s presentation

Richard Hall, De Montfort University (England regional workshop)

Richard’s presentation can be found on slideshare

In addition, Richard also blogged about the workshop he was the invited guest for and created a narrated plenary presentation you can view/listen to at screenr.

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